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- Nives Skin Company-

Ingredient Commitment~


Real ingredients produce real change, real health, real healing in the skin!


Nives Skin Co. uses only the finest, all natural, simple and pure ingredients in  our products.  We know the scariness of reading a product label and not knowing what they are, or how to pronounce them.  With all the chemicals, processed products we put in and on our bodies, a few less is a good thing!

We know that simple ingredients, that are all natural, bring more healing and health to our skin and our bodies.  It takes 26 MINUTES for anything you put on your skin to be throughout your entire body.  That's Scary when you don't know what they are, or how to even say the things in most products today.

Our products are packed with minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin E, which nourish your skin. Our lotions, butters and scrubs contain other beneficial ingredients from natural sources, like shea butter and cucumber extract which penetrate the skin to hydrate and rejuvenate, restoring damaged skin cells. When using moisturizers, it is important to use an all-natural skin moisturizer or you are essentially dumping chemicals into your body that can be harmful.

Using an effective, ultra-hydrating, soothing and healthy product without all of the irritants, unnecessary ingredients and fragrances found in other products flooding the market is good for you and our earth. The pure ingredients and our FDA  All-Natural certification are the secret to Nives Skin Company’s pampering, nutritive and effective skin care. Harnessing the curative, therapeutic and aromatic powers of ingredients grown from the earth, not concocted in a lab, to naturally nourish skin, hair and body, going beyond beauty to promote wellness from the outside in. 

Why Nives Skin Co. instead of others~


We started Nives Skin Co. because the products on the market were not healing, helping, or even moisturizing our skin any longer.  The more expensive, the same results, maybe for a few days the silicone in the products made the exterior of our skin feel better, but after a few days, you could see it was no different. 

We use no water or alcohols in our products.  The industry standard is water first, alcohol second.  The reason behind this is two fold.  One it makes a product much less expensive to produce.  Two, the water and alcohol evaporate very quickly, leaving no "greasy" feeling behind.  But that water and alcohol in those products, they dry out your skin more than they moisturize.  You get a light film that is dry and not greasy on your skin, but it isn't absorbing down into the layers of your skin nourishing it and bringing the moisture your skin needs.

By using real, simple, pure, all natural ingredients you get moisture and healing for your skin.  Yes, it feels greasy for a few minutes, but use a VERY SMALL amount, you can add more later if needed, and let it absorb into your skin.  Let our products melt with your skin temperature, becoming smooth and silky, and keep spreading it on, rubbing it in.   It may take a minute or two, but you skin will know the difference.

There is a simple truth that the most effective ingredients are derived naturally from the Earth. Safe, non-toxic products both nurture the skin and uplift the soul. We create FDA Certified All-Natural products not only for beautiful skin, but to help maintain a beautiful world.  As a company, from our handcrafted manufacturing process to our Earth-friendly packaging, we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We also support fair-trade practices that encourage prosperity globally. We wholeheartedly endorse certified organic and cruelty-free product classifications and through ongoing donations we support causes that better the world’s people, places and living things.

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