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Transform your shower into a true pampering treat with our body scrub. The creamy exfoliation both cleanses and buffs away rough patches, leaving skin so silky smooth, full of moisture, and satiny you can’t help but touch.  Made with nourishing shea butter and coconut oil, add in the  refreshing notes of grapefruit and ylang ylang for the ultimate relaxation.  


Bright, cheery and full of citrus burst.  The grapefruit oils bring vitamin C to your skin while buffing away dry skin.  Just scrub with a small amount and rinse off.  It will leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowing with health.


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sugar, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, MFT Oil,  Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerin, Honey, Grapefruit, Lemon & Ylang Ylang Oils, Citric Acid.

    It takes 26 minutes from the time you put anything on your skin until it is in your entire system.

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